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1.5 Tesla Large Bore MRI with advanced software

By 22nd September 2015No Comments

Toshiba has launched its
1.5-Tesla Vantage Titan MRI system incorporating the latest version of the
M-Power platform V3.1., designed to facilitate increased examination throughput
and flexibility and to lead to an even more comfortable examination
environment. The new software also provides enhanced cybbersecurity and alert
functions for safe and reliable examinations. The combination of the Vantage
Titan with M-Power V3.1 is the latest example in practice  of 
Toshiba’s  “People-Friendly MRI”.

The development of the Vantage
Titan was aimed at overcoming two basic disadvantages of current MRI systems,
namely confined examination space and loud noise. By achieving a large aperture
and noise reduction without compromising image quality, the new system provides
patients with a friendly examination environment and has already captured a
significant share of  the Japanese market
for 1.5-T large-bore MRI systems. The use of M-Power V3.1 in the Vantage Titan
now means that advanced applications previously only available in 3-Tesla  systems can now be incorporated.  For example, one feature in M-Power V3.1,
namely SpineLine for spinal examinations is added to the EasyTech lineup
designed to assist in scan slice setting by analyzing the shape of the target
anatomy. SpineLine provides a comfortable workflow by reducing the time
required for slice setting in spinal examinations.

The new Atlas SPEEDER Head/Neck
coil incorporates a tilt mechanism that helps imaging of elderly patients and
patients with spinal cord injuries, which 
in the past made MRI examination difficult to perform. This feature
allows such patients to be positioned in a shorter time and permits them to be
examined in a more comfortable position.



Tochigi, Japan