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12 Megapixel Color Monitor for Multi-Modality Medical Applications

By 13th March 2020No Comments

EIZO have announced the release of their RadiForce RX1270 monitor, a 30.9-inch, super-high-resolution 12-megapixel color monitor ideal for multi-modality medical applications.

The monitor was developed in response to the persisting need for radiologists to read and interpret a wide variety of medical image types.  The RX1270 is EIZO’s highest resolution monitor at 12-megapixels (horizontal 4200 x vertical 2800 pixels). The resolution is approximately 1.3 times larger than EIZO’s former highest 8-megapixel (horizontal 4096 x vertical 2160 pixels) monitor. This allows an even wider range of medical images to be viewed at once, including high volume images displayed in full, for increased reading efficiency. Consistent with EIZO’s line of multi-modality monitors, the RX1270 automatically distinguishes between monochrome and color, ensuring faithfully reproduced images for any modality.

The stark contrast of the low-light in reading rooms and a bright screen are often a cause of eye fatigue. To combat this, the RX1270 features a built-in comfort light that gently illuminates the wall behind the monitor without interfering with the visibility of the image. An adjustable spotlight is also attached to make reading documents easier.

To facilitate more efficient diagnostic image viewing, EIZO’s unique Work-and-Flow functions are also included with the RX1270. The Point-and-Focus function allows users to highlight specific areas of the screen for deeper interpretation. The Hide-and-Seek function allows a secondary input to be displayed in the corner of the screen for quick referencing without needing an additional monitor. The Switch-and-Go function allows two PCs to be controlled with a single mouse and keyboard via a simple mouseover movement.


Hakusan, Ishikawa, Japan