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A practical approach to implementing AI

Tera Recon is a leader in the fields of advanced visualization and artificial intelligence industries and  incorporates world-class image processing tools into next-generation medical image viewing, interpretation, sharing and collaboration solutions.

The company has recognized the paradox of a huge and growing interest in artificial intelligence in radiology on the one hand and, on the other, the frequent absence of a clear understanding on the part of many radiologists as to how to practically Implement AI in their daily practice.

To address this issue, TeraRecon have produced an 8-page brochure on the practical approach to implementing AI, available for free at

The company recognises that we are certainly at the precipice of broadly implementing AI and machine learning (ML) in radiology and other specialties. To  do so, it is important to leverage the lessons learned from deploying other clinical applications while, at the same time, taking novel approaches. Failure to approach the opportunity from multiple perspectives will slow the adoption and raise the cost. The path to a successful implementation begins by realizing that the solution is often non-linear, an adjunct to clinical workflow, and that typical approaches and integrations will not suffice. It’s important to gather all the stakeholders and take a holistic approach. The starting point for these solutions to become mainstream is to recognize and prepare for some of the core differences in technology and workflow vs. PACS or VNA projects, and avoid thinking of AI as a singular application. This will require a new approach that puts outcomes and workflow gains first and technology second.

All this and more is explained in the PDF on the Practical Approach to Implementing AI.


Foster City, CA, USA