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A Promise fulfilled…

By 6th March 2014February 1st, 2019No Comments

The story so far…..

Nearly a year ago Diagnostic Imaging Europe  had a talk with Dr Theo Diehm, senior pediatric radiologist at the institute of Clinical Radiology and Nuclear Medicine of the University Medical Centre in Mannheim, Germany. At that time, the Institute had just taken delivery of a new system capable of carrying out both fluoroscopy and radiography examinations. Now, several months later we thought that it would be interesting to revisit the Institute and see how things have turned out in practice. Since there is a large number of pediatric cases seen in the Institute, radiation dose is naturally an aspect of importance, so we also wanted to know whether the promise of lower doses had been fulfilled.
 In fact, the issue of dose is taken so seriously by the team at Mannheim, that they actually carried out a detailed study to objectively evaluate the performance of the new system. We talked to Dr Dieh
m and his colleagues Dr M Weidner and Prof. K W Neff.

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