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Advanced, versatile yet compact ultrasound platform

By 16th July 2013No Comments

With its premium features and large user-friendly display, the new Noblus from Hitachi Aloka Medical has been developed as a diagnostic ultrasound platform that can be used in many different clinical settings for a wide variety of examinations. The Noblus is designed in the form of a laptop PC with an optional cart, bringing a flexibility of style, so optimizing its use, whether on a desk in the consultation room, at the patient bedside in ICU, or in an emergency room. As a winner of the Good Design Award 2012, the quality of its design has already been acknowledged by the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Although compact, Noblus has premium features that can be exploited in many different applications, including Real-time Tissue Elastography, a premium feature previously found only on larger cart-based systems. This technology is used to assess the relative elasticity of tissue, providing increased diagnostic confidence in the benign or malignant nature of lesions in the breast, thyroid, prostate, gastrointestinal tract, and many others organs. Migrated from high-end HI VISION systems, Hitachi Aloka’s unique Ultra BE, the digital signal circuit dedicated to ultrasound processing, brings reliable diagnostic performance and premium image quality to the Noblus. The system has its own dedicated range of smart connector transducers for standard applications, and is compatible with many transducers from the HI VISION series. These include specialist transducers for biopsy, interventional, intraoperative, endocavity and endoscopic examinations. The system also supports Single Crystal transducers in which the entire element array is created from a single crystal, providing higher sensitivity and wider bandwidths than achieved with traditional transducers. Its unique space-saving design allows the operating console to fold up, providing more desk space between exams. The monitor can be tilted and swivelled, reducing unnecessary stretching and strain on the examiner.


Hitachi Medical Systems Europe

Zug, Switzerland