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Advances in multimedia reporting

By 15th March 2019No Comments

Vue Reporting is the latest generation of radiology reporting systems from Carestream  and  features the integration of multimedia content such as graphs, tables, images and hyperlinks. These elements add value to traditional reports while boosting productivity and collaboration among healthcare providers. Machine vision algorithms also enhance the reporting process and increase radiologists’ efficiency by providing tools that can help detect, measure and diagnose abnormalities. Multimedia reporting can facilitate collaboration among caregivers. Radiologists at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center (Bethesda, Md. USA) were early adopters of multimedia reporting. Tools for serial tumor measurement have reduced the time needed for NIH radiologists and oncologists to measure and compare tumor size and provide a higher level of standardization. Rapid access to clinically relevant information has boosted adoption of multimedia reporting, which now is used for 70 percent of CT reports and 50 percent of MR reports at the NIH Clinical Center.

The University of Virginia (UVA) Health System recently evaluated the use of hyperlinks in more than 500,000 reports during a two-year study. “The use of hyperlinks is prevalent in MR, PET-CT and CT studies. We believe interactive multimedia reporting technology represents an important advance in delivering clinically relevant information that can directly impact patient care,” said Dr. Cree Gaskin, Professor of Radiology UVA Health System in Charlottesville, Va.

Vue Reporting improves physician efficiency and patient experience. This Clinical Collaboration Platform module provides reading and reporting in a single workspace. It helps accelerate turnaround time with user-defined templates, structured reports and embedded voice recognition. Users may indicate key anatomical regions and findings with bookmarks and hyperlinks that clinicians and patients can easily navigate with the click of a mouse. Vue Reporting helps reduce costs and improve outcomes with one system that’s easy to deploy and train across multi-site, multi-vendor environments.


Rochester, NY, USA