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AI solution for chest radiography

By 26th November 2019No Comments

Chest radiography is one of the most basic and fundamental diagnostic test used in medicine, accounting for 25% of the annual total numbers of diagnostic imaging procedures. It has been shown that radiologic information changed clinical practice in more than 60% of those who received chest radiography. Unfortunately, miss rates for proper interpretation of chest radiographs go as high as 30% even for experts, leading to increased mortality from treatable diseases. Moreover, interpretive performance of chest radiographs differ significantly between specialists and non-specialists, by up to 30%.Among the various diseases detected or diagnosed through chest radiography, lung cancer (nodule/mass), tuberculosis, pneumonia (consolidation), and pneumothorax are among the most common and major diseases.

Developed using Lunit’s cutting-edge deep learning technology, Lunit INSIGHT CXR-MCA accurately detects lung nodule/mass, consolidation, and pneumothorax in the form of diagnostic support tool. The AI solution generates

(1) location information of detected lesions in the form of heatmaps and

(2) abnormality scores reflecting the probability that the detected lesion is abnormal. The solution is indicated to be directly involved in the primary interpretation process of radiologists or clinicians.


Seoul Korea