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With the growing challenges faced by medical staff, including high workload and work-related musculoskeletal disorders, Canon Medical Systems Europe has introduced Aplio flex and Aplio go, the company announced earlier this week in a communiqué. 

The aim is ‘to revolutionize the healthcare market by providing compact, maneuverable, and technologically advanced #ultrasound systems that meet the evolving needs of #medical practitioners,’ the group wrote.

Meeting healthcare challenges

Canon Medical has established a strong presence in the ultrasound market by incorporating user feedback into its systems. With over 50 years of Japanese development technology and a successful 20-year Aplio history, Canon Medical has consistently provided superior ultrasound solutions, renowned for their unwavering reliability. 

As technology advances, the need for smarter, smaller, more portable systems becomes increasingly significant. Canon Medical has proactively responded to this trend, aligning its designs with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and prioritizing energy efficiency. These ultrasound systems are developed with a focus on energy consumption, aligning with Canon Medical’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals.

Advancements in AI technology

Quite often, it’s observed that the time required for an ultrasound examination will increase with the amount of measurements needed. In an era where AI is seamlessly integrated into various aspects of the care pathway, Canon Medical understands that to enable the necessary measures to be performed in a minimum of time, it is needed to implement applications on its systems that use AI technologies such as deep learning and machine learning. 

For example, Auto IMT can automatically trace the intima-media thickness (IMT) of the common carotid artery in any area in a shorter time than in the past. Similarly, Auto EF with GLS (Global Longitudinal Strain) was developed using AI algorithm technology. Thanks to these new AI technologies, powered by Altivity, the company’s bold new approach to AI innovation, Canon Medical provides smart technologies to achieve a whole new level of quality, insight, and value across the entire care pathway.

Enhanced user experience and workflow efficiency

Canon Medical understands the importance of fast and safe operation, reducing training time for medical professionals. The redesigned control panel of Aplio flex and Aplio go ensures efficient and intuitive operation from the moment the systems are installed. With this new control panel, direct operation is simplified, promoting ease of use and productivity. Everything needed is conveniently accessible at the users’ fingertips.

Finally, both Aplio flex and Aplio go are equipped with ApliGate, an innovative technology that enhances collaboration. Whether you work at a large university or local hospital, in a private practice or imaging center, or even outside the hospital, this tool for remotely sharing images enables you to directly connect with fellow professionals or Canon experts. You can seek advice, share discoveries, and engage in online collaboration with subject matter experts or colleagues.

Aplio flex and Aplio go ultrasound systems address healthcare challenges in Europe

Benefits of Aplio flex and Aplio go

  • Compact and maneuverable ultrasound systems
  • Integration of powerful AI-enabled applications for efficient examinations
  • Energy-efficient systems aligned with Canon Medical’s CSR objectives
  • High image quality and faster throughput for routine examinations
  • Improved user experience with a redesigned control panel
  • Reduced training time and enhanced workflow efficiency

Learn more about Aplio flex here and Aplio go here