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Chicago is always worth a visit and even more so when, the Radiological Society of North American (RSNA) holds its annual meeting – the largest of its kind. On top of  the scientific content, we at DI Europe are particularly interested in the numerous innovations that are presented at the show this year.

We pay particular attention to artificial intelligence because nothing is quite so controversial today. It’s not just about the technology itself, but also about data protection in the cloud, and possible reimbursement by health insurance companies. Many European countries are lagging behind when it comes to technology and are looking for solutions to current problems.

RSNA 2023 will offer a wealth of lectures, posters, courses, and exhibitions on the topic of AI, machine learning, and deep learning.

Imaging AI in Practice Demonstration 

The Imaging AI in Practice (IAIP) demonstration is an interoperability demonstration that takes place during the RSNA annual meeting to showcase new technologies and communication standards needed to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into the diagnostic radiology workflow. The demonstration uses real-world clinical scenarios and interoperability standards to demonstrate new tools and practice enhancements enabled by AI. 

Flow of information among systems in a radiology practice with AI tools integrated

It includes many steps in the radiology workflow where AI can assist the radiologist and improve the efficiency and quality of care.

RSNA AI Challenge Recognition Event 

A recognition event will be held in the AI Theater at RSNA 2023 for the winners of the 2023 RSNA Abdominal Trauma Detection AI Challenge. The challenge invited participants to develop machine learning RSNA 2023 models that match radiologists’ performance in detecting, locating and classifying the severity of traumatic abdominal injuries. 

To create the ground truth dataset, the challenge planning task force collected imaging data sourced from 23 sites in 14 countries on six continents, including more than 4,000 CT exams with various abdominal injuries and a roughly equal number of cases without injury. 

The winners of the RSNA Screening Mammography Breast Cancer Detection AI Challenge, held earlier this year, will also be recognized. That challenge invited participants to develop AI models that can aid in the detection of breast cancer and attracted 2,146 competitors forming 1,687 teams. 

AI Showcase 

The AI Showcase is the center of all the latest imaging AI technology at RSNA 2023. Connect with industry leaders and visit more than 100 exhibitor booths to see new products and technical solutions in action. Located within the showcase is the AI Theater, where attendees can view daily industry presentations from companies highlighting the innovations fueling the future of AI, and the RSNAI Resource Center, which will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn and ask questions about a wide variety of RSNA-led or co-sponsored medical imaging AI initiatives.

As you see, many interesting things are happening at RSNA 2023 in the AI Showcase. Since we also will be spending a couple of hours there, the first one who sees us and tells us that she or he knows the “Our Pathway to AI at RSNA“ newsletter series, will get a free short video interview.

Watch out for Mélisande Rouger and Guido Gebhardt, we are looking forward to meeting you!