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Bayer and Hologic Inc. inaugurated their international partnership to deliver contrast-enhanced mammography (CEM) solutions to improve breast cancer detection in a ribbon cutting ceremony at EUSOBI2023 last week in Valencia, Spain. 

The new alliance brings together Hologic’s mammography gantries and Bayer’s CEM-approved injection systems to enable the administration of contrast media during a mammography examination.

Agnes Svilpaite, Chapter Lead for Breast and CNS Radiology at Bayer and Tanja Brycker, Vice President for Strategic Development, Breast and Skeletal Health and GYN Solutions at Hologic, cutting the ribbon at EUSOBI2023. 

Focus on education and training

The partnership will include education and training to increase clinician confidence when using CEM, a highly sensitive and relatively low-cost breast imaging modality that supports breast cancer diagnosis and helps guide treatment decisions. 

‘‘CEM is a very evolving and dynamic modality in breast imaging,’’ Dr. Hassan Khater, Senior Medical and Clinical Affairs Physician at Bayer, said. ‘‘This partnership will allow us to expand more the modality to radiologists and patients, to help them in the fight against breast cancer.’’

The partnership is an important step to drive CEM education and knowledge of the modality, he added. ‘‘Our aim is for patients to have more access to the modality, and for radiologists to have more options to fight breast cancer.’’

Dr. Hassan Khater, Senior Medical and Clinical Affairs Physician at Bayer

With the new agreement, Bayer and Hologic aim to optimally support radiologists and their teams’ needs by providing a comprehensive product package along with the hands-on training needed to effectively implement CEM into their facility’s workflow, the companies announced in a joint press statement prior to the meeting. 

“Over the past several years, we’ve seen an increased interest in contrast-enhanced mammography as an additional diagnostic modality. Our partnership with Bayer will enable clinicians around the world to offer CEM as part of the breast cancer diagnostic workflow,” said Tanja Brycker, Vice President, Strategic Development, Breast and Skeletal Health and GYN Solutions at Hologic. “As one of the world leaders in mammography and women’s health, we are committed to enabling healthier lives everywhere, every day. By increasing access to additional breast imaging technology to women across the globe, our international partnership with Bayer is a compelling example of that commitment in action.” 

“Breast cancer is the world’s most prevalent cancer,  impacting millions of women and their loved ones around the globe,” said Gerd Krueger, President of Radiology at Bayer. “Accurate and timely detection is crucial to improve patient outcomes and save patients’ lives. We are excited to join forces with Hologic to deliver a comprehensive solution to our customers and increase access to an emerging breast imaging modality that can help improve diagnostic accuracy as well as provide an alternative imaging option for many women who need it.” 

The new comprehensive CEM Package will be available to breast imaging facilities in multiple countries across the European, Canadian and Asia Pacific regions.