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Blended images on intraoperative imaging system

By 8th January 2019No Comments

KUBTEC has announced the launch of a major new feature to its range of specimen imaging system.

The Image Blender enables breast surgeons and pathologists to obtain an improved view of the location of a patient’s cancer by combining optical and X-ray pictures into a single graduated image.  This gives surgeons the information they need to more accurately ascertain whether and where additional tissue may need to be removed in order to be sure of a successful operation.  In addition, it enables pathologists to make more accurate slices of the cancer specimen, saving time and resources.

John Leach, Vice President of Marketing at Kubtec said “The Image Blender makes the patient specimen image a more powerful source of actionable information.  It is a key component in our strategy to create the best clinical images and provide healthcare professionals with proprietary intelligent tools that improve workflow.

The Image Blender is available on KUBTEC XPERT 40 and XPERT 80/80L specimen imaging systems, together with the KUBTEC Mozart Specimen Tomosynthesis System.


Stratford, CT, USA