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Carestream Named Third Largest Worldwide Supplier Of Vendor-Neutral Archiving Solutions

By 29th October 2013No Comments

Carestream Health has been placed in the top three of the world’s largest suppliers of vendor-neutral archiving (VNA) solutions in a just-published report by IHS. Vendor-neutral archiving refers to standards-based platforms used in healthcare to store patient data and medical images and facilitate information access and exchange. According to the report, Carestream is the only one of the leading four worldwide VNA vendors that services all of the major geographic regions (the Americas, Emerging Markets and Asia/Pacific) that were part of the research study. A true global vendor offers customers key advantages including proven standards-based practices; outstanding service capabilities; and expertise in all aspects of data communication, storage and security required by healthcare facilities. “Healthcare providers around the world view on-site vendor-neutral archiving platforms as a reliable solution that can simplify data management and enables secure information sharing across multiple locations or users,” said Cristine Kao, Carestream’s Global Marketing Director for Healthcare Information Solutions. “In addition to helping equip clinicians with a comprehensive view of patient clinical information, cloud-based archiving can simplify and consolidate storage resources to help reduce costs and enhance workflow by reducing departmental silos of clinical information.”

This independent report confirmed that non-hosted VNA models continue to be dominant in the world market and predicted XDS to be a growing trend over time.

The report identifies the following minimum key features of VNA: DICOM Image Support; DICOM Non-Image Support; Support for Multiple PACS; Data Migration; Security; Long-Term Archive and Disaster Recovery.