Skip to main content, an enterprise imaging AI platform for testing, deployment, and monitoring of radiology AI solutions based in San Francisco, has partnered with Philips to optimize the radiology reading capabilities in the Brazilian healthcare system.

The collaboration was announced by earlier this week and showcased at the 54th Jornada Paulista de Radiologia (JPR) conference, which took place May 2-5 in São Paulo, Brazil. The new alliance addresses the growing need for efficient and accurate radiology services amidst a shortage of radiologists in the country, the company wrote in a communiqué.

Vidur Mahajan, CEO of

The seamless integration of CARPL’s AI orchestration platform with Philips’ Enterprise Imaging Solution (Vue PACS) empowers radiologists with direct access to a powerful suite of AI algorithms within their standard diagnostic workflow. The platform serves as a central hub for managing medical imaging data, offering enhanced reporting, eliminating the need for additional software or disruptive changes, and allowing radiologists to view radiology images with AI-generated insights, facilitating a more efficient and informed diagnostic process.

This is already proving its value in chest X-ray analysis, where AI algorithms pre-identify areas of concern on the images, allowing for faster identification and potential diagnosis, CARPL also wrote. This feature helps radiologists expedite interpretation and potentially reduce turnaround times for thoracic care.

“The integration of AI results into PACS will increase workflow efficiency and potentially reduce turnaround times for thoracic care,” Madhuri Sebastian, Business Lead for Radiology Informatics at Philips, said. “This empowers healthcare providers to make timely and informed decisions, thereby optimizing patient throughput. Thoracic treatment is just the starting point; we are committed to expanding this collaboration to encompass other clinical use cases.”

“By harnessing the power of multiple AI algorithms on CARPL, through a single integration, physicians at FIDI (Fundação Instituto de Pesquisa e Estudo de Diagnóstico por Imagem) are witnessing a paradigm shift in the quality and efficiency of radiology reporting, improving patients’ clinical outcomes and lowering the cost of care,” Vidur Mahajan, Chief Executive Officer of, said. viewer envisions a future where the platform creates “super-radiologists” – AI-enabled radiologists who are ten times more productive than traditional radiologists, according to the company.’s already partners with renowned institutions like Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein (HIAE), Grupo Fleury, and Diagnósticos Da América (DASA).