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Canon showcased the Alphenix / Evolve Edition Angiography System that uses real-time AI to boost cardiology procedures at CIRSE 2023.

‘‘We try to provide solutions that help healthcare professionals,’’ Erwan Ladsous, European Director of Interventional X-ray at Canon Medical, told Mélisande Rouger during the meeting, which unfolded earlier this month in Copenhagen, Denmark.

‘‘When you talk with cardiologists, they are always willing to provide better image quality, lower dose and real-time visualization. So we came up with a solution that is combining real-time AI with denoising capabilities, providing greater imaging quality and lower dose.’’  

The device, which was released for commercial sale in the European market in August, will prove of particular value in routine and complex percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) and structural heart disease (SHD) procedures.

“We are very proud to bring these meaningful innovations to the market,’’ he added. ‘‘By deploying Canon Medical’s AI expertise to the field of interventional cardiology, we have full confidence that this will offer impactful tools to physicians and, most importantly, enhance patient care.”