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 Canon Medical has launched two new AI-enhanced CT solutions at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), the Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition and the Aquilion Serve SP. The imaging company also shared that its Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) Deep Learning Technology (DLR) has been migrated across all segments of its CT business to support high-quality imaging at low doses for all patients, making its low noise, improved spatial resolution, and exceptional dose reduction benefits accessible to all customers.

“It’s an exciting time for Canon Medical,’’ says Roy Verlaan, European Director CT. ‘’With the launch of the Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition and Aquilion Serve SP, we are simplifying and streamlining CT workflows, making the scan experience more efficient for patients and operators. On top of that, we are reaffirming our commitment to our Made for Life philosophy by harnessing DLR to support high-quality imaging at low doses across our entire CT portfolio. The Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition features an even more advanced version of our PIQE DLR, and AiCE is now available for all segments from our premium systems down to entry-level.” 

With the launch of the Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition, Canon Medical continues to expand and strengthen the capabilities of its premium CTs. The solution redefines excellence in medical imaging by delivering high-resolution images, optimizing workflows with INSTINX, and reducing the dose and contrast media, all with groundbreaking performance. Its ability to simplify complex examinations makes it an excellent investment. 

The Aquilion Serve SP provides a powerful suite of AI-enabled technologies that meet clinical needs, combined with an easy and efficient workflow experience. The solution supports faster throughput with more time for the patient, consistent imaging results with less training, and better image quality with lower radiation dose.