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CT contrast protocols app available for iPad and iPhone

By 28th October 2013No Comments

A recently published paper from a group at Johns Hopkins Hospitalin Baltimore, MD, USA (Raman et al. Informatics in radiology: CT contrast protocols application for the iPad: new resource for technologists, nurses, and radiologists Radiographics. 2013 May;33(3):913) describes how the iPad, iPhone, and other portable devices can offer a unique opportunity for radiology education, allowing presentation of information in a simple, concise and mobile fashion to large groups of learners. The CT Contrast Protocols application for the iPad and iPhone is one of the first radiology applications in the Apple App Store to focus on radiology education and was designed to address the lack of practical information on contrast media for radiologists, technologists, nurses, and trainees. The application was developed in response to questions about contrast media use from clinicians, technologists, and nurses.  Its content is based on questions from these members of the authors’ department and hospital. The application uses a simple interface that requires no training and can be easily navigated by those who have only recently begun using an iPad or iPhone. It provides simple, easily understood answers to many common questions about contrast media use, all arranged under several subject headings. The application is constantly evolving and represents an aggregate of the knowledge found in the literature, including the institutional practices of the computed tomography division of Johns Hopkins Hospital.