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CT with deep learning image reconstruction

By 8th August 2019No Comments

The newly introduced Revolution Apex from GE is the next generation of intelligent CT scanners in the company’s Revolution family. Revolution Apex offers Quantix 160 x-ray tube and deep learning image reconstruction technology to further enhance the industry’s leading spatial resolution, temporal resolution, coverage and spectral capability. In addition to the high spatial resolution, the TrueFidelity images offer low contrast detectability and natural-looking texture to help improve radiologists’ confidence in the diagnosis of  a wide range of clinical cases. All this is achieved while maintaining a low radiation dose during routine CT scanning. As a result, Revolution Apex delivers a powerful platform, whole organ coverage, and breakthrough image quality to ensure the highest quality clinical solutions, even for patients with high heart rates, high BMI or compromised renal function. GE offers several packages with Revolution APEX :

  • the reconstruction package improves low-contrast detectability while reducing patient radiation dose and artifacts
  • Image Quality Package: Offers exceptional image quality to reveal anatomic details obscured by metal artefacts • The cardiac package gives increased reliability and repeatability of complex cardiac imaging procedures and readability of resulting images. • The neuro package: provides faster and more accurate assessments of stroke and head trauma. • The oncology package delivers edge-to-edge image acquisition with virtually no blind spots.

A GE spokesman said “Because of the inherently complex technological make-up of CT, every provider has their own “take” on how to get the best image quality. This fragmentation across the industry can sometimes be confusing for those who want the best CT. With Revolution Apex, we’ve made the choice clear.

GE Healthcare

Chicago, IL, USA