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Radiology has evolved beyond just producing images on a screen. It now involves a wider range of responsibilities in healthcare with screening, surveillance, and follow-up care programs. DeepHealth aims to address this paradigm shift by introducing a pioneering cloud-native operating system (OS), powered by clinical AI, that intends to improve clinical confidence and leverage operational generative AI, to efficiently orchestrate patient engagement and care delivery.

DeepHealth aims to address challenges across the entire radiology value chain from referral management, scheduling, and patient engagement to technologist workflow and interpretation.  It intends to empower all users across the care continuum with personalized workflows to deliver better care.

DeepHealth is a leading provider of radiology informatics, with American and European roots, which gives it a distinct advantage in terms of credibility, trustworthiness, and market position. Founded in 2015 and 2012 respectively, Aidence and Quantib are integral components of the DeepHealth brand and a testament to the company’s enduring commitment to the region. DeepHealth has operations, employees, strong partnerships, and a loyal customer base across the Globe, which puts it in a unique position to create products that meet the specific needs of the global markets. This ensures that its products are relevant, effective, and successful in the long run.

“The DeepHealth OS will integrate clinical and operational workflows and is being designed with a modular and open architecture. AI and workflow applications can be adopted separately, and we intend to interoperate with best-in-class ecosystem solutions.“

Sham Sokka, DeepHealth’s Chief Operating and Technology Officer. 

DeepHealth’s unique ‘one system’ approach will optimize every aspect of the healthcare pathway, supporting radiology departments globally with a comprehensive solution for medical imaging, including operational solutions and end-to-end services for everyone in the entire care continuum. Elements of the DeepHealth portfolio are already being used by RadNet and more than 300 external customers, who together are delivering more than 15 million exams annually. DeepHealth AI solutions have powered more than two million diagnoses in large screening programs in both the United States and Europe, driving improved clinical outcomes.

ECR 2024 attendees can learn more about the availability of DeepHealth’s AI-powered health informatics and AI clinical applications at Booth AI-13 or at