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Global manufacturer Agfa Radiology Solutions has teamed up with artificial intelligence AI company Lunit to accelerate treatment of thoracic pathologies thanks to AI-boosted early notification of critical findings directly at the point of care.

With CriticalScan™, which embeds Lunit INSIGHT CXR software and integrates it seamlessly within Agfa’s MUSICA® workstation, Agfa and Lunit have designed a tool that meets the demand for solutions that use AI to ease workflow and boost productivity.

With the tool, diagnostic teams can now detect up to ten predefined pathologies for thoracic diagnostics, that have been determined by the department and stored in the system by the application. If a pathology defined as critical is detected, the locally defined process can be started directly before the study is completed.

CriticalScan™ runs analysis in the background without slowing down workflow. Pathologies are detected in around 30 seconds after exposure, and necessary treatment steps can be initiated immediately. 

Radiographers can tag the study as a high priority, so that it is prioritized in the PACS, to help provide timely and safe care to outpatients and inpatients.  

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