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Digital Radiography Imaging sub-system

By 5th March 2014No Comments

ArtPix is a new DR solution to empower Pixium detectors and incorporates THALES’ best in-class Pixium 3543EZ WiFi detector. The software application features a new state-of-the-art Graphic User Interface (GUI), an efficient workflow and outstanding image quality. The GUI can be completely customized by the OEM, then optimized by the hospital IT department or even be 100% tailor-made by Thales. The ArtPix is a totally new revolutionary concept and  introduces a fully modular architecture that allows the user to adjust the workflow according to needs in order to create a unique and dedicated application to achieve the greatest efficiency, based on working procedures The appearance of the image can be customized by the user to meet personal prefernces and needs. The user can also choose any host system such as laptops, workstations or tablets for personal convenience. To make such integration possible, a network-based architecture has been developed, incorporating remote Operator Control Devices using the undisputed HTML5 language. The use of this  standard language simplifies the interface design of the remote device, making it as simple as developing an Internet page. The new application of the ArtPix solution will target the retrofit market for Mobile X-ray, and is the perfect answer for CR replacement.

ArtPix is available in two specific configurations. The first one offers the application on a tablet PC, and combined with the auto-detection enabled Wi-Fi 3543EZ flat panel,  gives a complete autonomy to the user at bed-side. The second configuration, called “autonomous”  allows the user to perform a complete round of exams. The system  includes a dedicated device that enables preview and acceptance of images (up to 50), before transmitting, analyzing and post-processing them on a dedicated workstation. ArtPix, supporting all line of Pixium DR detectors, will be available shortly for retrofit RAD rooms as well as for integration in new systems.


Neuilly-sur-seine Cedex, France