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Dose management software gains red dot design award

By 22nd September 2013No Comments

The products of the Swedish company Unfors RaySafe, a leading provider of quality assurance systems for X-ray equipment, are known not only for their functionality and accuracy but also for their attractive design and intuitive operation. This has just been confirmed by a 24-strong panel of judges who out of 6,800 products from 43 countries entered, have awarded one of this year’s coveted red dot design awards to the Swedish company and to their design partner Lots for the RaySafe S1
software solution.

Their success in the “Interface Design” category of the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2013 was achieved against strong competition. According to the judges, the companies owe their award to “the high aesthetic appeal of the design, the compellingly simple operation and the high level of innovation of the RaySafe S1 software solution“.

The cloud-based software makes it easier for medical staff to ensure efficient radiation management for all patients. The solution is based on complex data processing, which helps manage the radiation dose delivered for each individual patient. At the same time, it digitally documents the radiation to which a patient is exposed and records all X-ray-based examinations performed across all departments as part of the overall treatment of this patient. While dose tracking is facilitated, wasted radiation events are avoided, helping to cut costs in the long-term through improved process quality. Used successfully to justify, optimize and control patient doses since October 2012, RaySafe S1 can lead to greater patient safety and efficiency in day-to-day hospital operation.

“RaySafe S1 has added the important aspect of patient safety to our product portfolio, making us the first supplier in the world to offer a complete concept for the X-ray room, enabling reduced dose and cost,” said Magnus Kristoferson, CEO of Unfors Raysafe.

The RaySafe S1 Interface design was developed in close collaboration with the Swedish design and innovation agency Lots. “RaySafe S1 is a good example of user-driven innovation where deep user involvement during the development process resulted in unique solutions,” explained Hanna Ljungström, Design Manager at Lots. “Transferring the complex software into an attractive and easy-to-use interface for many different user groups has been an inspiring challenge. We are pleased that the Red Dot jury, as well as the users, think we have succeeded.”

Launched in 1955 to honour outstanding achievements in design, the red dot design award is today one of the largest and most renowned design competitions in the world.

Unfors Raysafe