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Dose profile measurement

By 29th October 2013No Comments

The Mover, from the Swedish company RTI Electronics is a computer-controller motorized support for dose profilers that promises to greatly improve the accuracy and speed of test set-up when characterizing the radiation output of any cone beam CT scanner. The system is designed to overcome the practical and physical challenges encountered by CT technicians when carrying out dosimetry measurements on modern scanners. Many of the latest CT scanners feature wide beam widths that enable patients to be X-rayed in just one rotation, precluding the need to move the patient table – a prerequisite when making CT Dose Index (CTDI) measurements using a point dose detector. In addition, some scanners used for intraoperative analysis do not have an integrated patient table. The Mover provides support for the dose profiler when there is no patient table on which to rest the measurement device and pushes or pulls it through the x-ray field at a constant speed. Crucially, it provides an accurate and easily reproducible method for CT technicians to align the probe in isocentre, potentially providing much faster measurement set-up and a more accurate outcome.

RTI Electronics AB

Mölndal, Sweden