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DXA imaging system

By 22nd October 2013No Comments

Hologic has just introduced Horizon, a totally redesigned dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) imaging system for the assessment of three critical health problems – osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. Built on technologies proprietary to Hologic, the Horizon platform offers expanded technical capabilities, workflow efficiencies and improved design components to meet clinician needs now and into the future. The Hologic Horizon DXA platform offers several features

 • a Single Energy Femur Exam that allows clinicians to visualize potential atypical femur fractures, an unusual form of femur fracture which can occur as the result of bisphosphonate use

 • a FRAX 10-year Fracture Risk Report which can aid in the early detection of osteoporosis by taking into account risk factors in addition to bone density

 • High Definition Instant Vertebral Assessment (IVA-HD) capability for significantly improved detection of vertebral fractures

 • an Abdominal Aortic Calcification feature through Hologic’s IVA-HD technology which enables clinicians to visualize abdominal aortic calcifications, a significant predictor of cardiovascular disease

 • Advanced Body Composition assessment with visceral fat estimation to assist in the evaluation of metabolic health.

The Horizon platform is designed to offer improved precision, stability and throughput. New clinically relevant built-in enhancements include a highresolution multi-element detector array with ceramic detector technology for improved bone mapping and image quality; a high-frequency pulsing power supply that offers greater system stability and future flexibility, and a filter drum to support future development initiatives. John Jenkins, Hologic Vice President of Marketing for Specialty Imaging Products said “Hologic pioneered the DXA market with the introduction of the first QDR bone densitometer and we have maintained our leadership position through continued investment in R&D. The Horizon platform is a great outcome of this investment. The new system combines a wealth of proprietary, advanced technologies that provide clinicians with the most accurate diagnostic information available.