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Easy & Fast X-ray Quality Control

By 5th March 2014No Comments



The new Black Piranha system from RTI brings a quickness and power to X-ray QA work flow and includes all that could be expected in a multifunction meter. Connection to various accessories, tablet and PC is automatic – just plug ‘n play. The Quick Check feature identifies the inserted probes and selects the optimum Piranha settings for the measurements. Default start-up screens can also be easily customised. The Black Piranha can measure on Rad, Fluoro, Dent, Mammo, and CT.


The system is complemented by the Ocean 2014 software which makes the workflow more intuitive and rapid. Ocean 2014 can perform instant real-time analysis during measurements. Ocean also prepares a report in the background. So when the work is done, if a complete report is needed all that is necessary is to press print.


Tablets/laptops can be used both as an interactive display during the measurements and as a powerful tool analysis back at the office. There is no unnecessary, time-consuming data-transfer at the end of the day. Measurements and data are stored – allowing for analysis, trending and printed reports – even months after the measurements were completed.


The Ocean 2014 software also features Quick Check mode, which provides a quick and easy way to start measurements. Simple and accurate measurements are instantly displayed along with data and waveforms. Templates are provided.



Mölndal, Sweden