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The new Mindray Resona R9 platinum ultrasound system that was unveiled at ECR2023 integrates multi parametric ultrasound with qualitative imaging, which truly benefits liver imaging, Prof. Dr. Christian Stroszcsynski, head of the radiology department at Regensburg University in Germany, told DI Europe. 

With the system, ultrasound can be used ‘as a biomarker, especially for liver fibrosis, which is really important and a valuable parameter for monitoring the treatment changes,’ he said. ‘The machine integrates a lot of nice tools that are competitive with other radiology modalities such as CT or MRI.’ 

Prof. Dr. Ernst-Michael Jung, director of ultrasound at Regensburg University, also shared his positive first impressions.  

The machine is able to make ‘100 measurements in just seconds,’ he said. ’We need precise (…) information on tumour revascularisation in real time. That’s possible with the Ultra-Micro Angiography flow mode. For tumor treatment, we can use the new quantification software with AI for visualizing and quantifying the tumor in less than a minute. It’s a new dimension of ultrasound.’  

The learning curve is also faster with the device, enabling less experienced radiologists to work with the system earlier than with traditional systems, he noted.