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Having a liver multiparametric (MP) package on an ultrasound device is key to patient care, Mattia Paratore, a specialist in internal medicine and liver ultrasound at Polyclinic Gemelli in Rome, told Ben Giese on behalf of DI Europe at ECR2024.

‘MP ultrasound is the future for liver assessment of chronic liver diseases, so it’s very important to have the possibility to establish the different parameters with this technique,’ he said.

In his recent research, Paratore evaluated the validity of the rule of four with an Esaote ultrasound system. ‘The rule of four is for sure a very important tool for most clinicians that work with ultrasound, because that’s a sort of universalization of cutoff for liver elastography,’ he said, highlighting that more studies are needed in the future to compare these results.

He also sees the opportunity for a consensus on steatosis assessment in the years to come, and his group is currently studying attenuation for the evaluation of liver steatosis. ‘Probably results will be the same for liver fibrosis, so we could probably establish some cutoffs,’ he concluded.