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Fire in the abdomen is probably the hottest topic at ESGAR 2023, the annual meeting of the European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology taking place this week in the Palau de Congressos in Valencia, Spain.

‘We wanted to deal with all the inflammatory diseases and conditions that affect the abdomen and prepared dedicated sessions under this theme,’ Asunción Torregrosa, head of the abdominal section in the medical imaging department at La Fe University Hospital in Valencia, told Mélisande Rouger, publisher and executive editor of Diagnostic Imaging Europe. 

Another highlight of the meeting is the Advanced Ultrasound Center, where experts share their knowledge of the latest technological breakthroughs in ultrasound, such as contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS).

Last but not least, the Young ESGAR program tackles issues related to research and teaching, to better accompany and support students and residents. 

Torregrosa, who is also President of the Spanish Society of Radiology (SERAM), shared her agenda for the weeks to come and notably her plans for the creation of a southern Europe alliance with France and Italy, to boost the cooperation with radiologists from these countries. 

‘We’re meeting in Paris next week to try and solve common problems such as the role of the radiologist in the multidisciplinary board, because this has become a very time consuming and demanding task,’ she said. 

Torregrosa and her team are also finishing the scientific program of the next SERAM meeting, which will unfold in May 2024 in Barcelona.