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Mélisande Rouger and Guido Gebhardt wrapping up the third day of ECR 2023.

New enterprise imaging and AI solutions were launched at ECR 2023, which was held last week in Vienna, Austria. 

‘There’s a clear trend towards enterprise imaging and AI to make radiologists more efficient,’ said Guido Gebhardt, DI Europe publisher, as he reported after conducting interviews on the topic with companies such as Esaote.

New solutions to boost automate reporting and expedite workflow were also presented on the technical floor, Gebhardt also noted.

Photon counting CT continues to be a hot topic in radiology, as showed by the number of scientific sessions dedicated to the technology. ‘The main benefits include increased spatial resolution and the possibility of performing spectral imaging,’ Thomas Kroencke, a professor of radiology at Augsburg University in Germany, told DI Europe in an exclusive interview.

Companies also took a stand on sustainability, as European hospitals are facing higher energy prices due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. ‘We’re clearly seeing a huge interest from the industry to show how they tackle sustainability all the way from manufacturing the product and shipping it to the hospital to managing waste inside the hospital,’ Mélisande Rouger, editorial director of DI Europe, said. 

Other innovations, such as the new (name?) injector by Ulrich Medical, were presented at ECR 2023, which also highlighted projects such as the ODELIA and RadioVal trials that use radiomics and swarm learning to advance breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.