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Football club opens State-of-the-art medical imaging suite

By 12th June 2014No Comments

Manchester United and Toshiba Medical Systems have opened a brand new medical facility at the football club’s AON Training Complex. The collaboration will promote the rapid development of novel sports medicine and exercise-related applications for CT, ultrasound and MRI scanner technology developed by global leaders in the fields of football and medical technology. The technology will enable Manchester United’s medical team in partnership with Toshiba Medical Systems team to push the boundaries of sports medicine with regards to optimization of diagnosis, rehabilitation and preventative care. With the ultimate aim of maximising the wellbeing and safety of players by means of enhanced musculoskeletal, cardiac and general health screening, the collaboration will undertake studies into early markers of potentially preventable injuries and ways of maintaining player career longevity at elite level. By using imaging in innovative ways to track the physical and physiological development of footballers, the partnership will result in further refinement of personalized treatment and exercise regimes for individual athletes, from youth academy to first team.


Zoetermeer, The Netherlands