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Mélisande Rouger, publisher of Diagnostic Imaging Europe, spoke with Timo Hammerschmidt, Application and Clinical Support Specialist for Ultrasound at FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe, at EACVI 2023, which took place on May 10-12 in Barcelona, Spain.

Hammerschmidt presented the new Arietta 750DI ultrasound system and its special features that enable to speed up the workflow and improve accuracy in cardiac examinations. ‘The machine has 3 M-modes (…) so you can measure at the same time the aortic valve, the mitral valve and the ventricle and store the information in just one picture,’ he said.

The LVE flow available on the equipment helps improve accuracy in myocardium and endocardium volume and ejection fraction assessment, he added.

The Dual Gate Doppler function enables clinicians to fully automatically image a patient with arterial fibrillation in one cycle, thus expediting scan time.