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High-end training/simulation system

By 21st August 2013No Comments

 The Mentice VIST-Lab is a high-end stationary simulation system which combines realism, ergonomics and ultimate flexibility. VIST®-Lab is the optimal solution for realistic work flow and team training, and mimics the lab environment. The solution includes a full body mannequin with femoral, radial and subclavian/jugular access options, and up to 4 screens setup (control screen, fluoro, cine and vitals). It also features a height adjustable table and a touch based user interface. The system is available with several individual training modules. These include: Coronary Angiography. This module is designed for healthcare professionals to develop the essential skills specific to LV Gram and Coronary Angiography in a risk-free training environment. The module provides a range of patient cases with distinguished anatomies and scenarios, facilitating knowledge based and procedural skills training for this procedure. All cases include the option to practice both femoral and transradial approach.

The Coronary PRO is the professional training module for coronary angiography and intervention. The module enhances hands-on training of technical skills for both the novice and more experienced interventional cardiologists. Coronary PRO actively reproduces the challenges faced in complex coronary interventions – from deciding on the intervention strategy to managing complications based on patient specific data and treatment options. The system provides professional hands-on training of technical skills and complex challenges  for both novices and more experienced interventional cardiologists.

The Cardiac Rhythm Management module is designed for training the knowledge and skills required for selection and placement of pacemakers and CRT devices for different clinical conditions. The module offers a variety of cases with different anatomies and patient specific conditions providing challenges for learners at various levels, including dealing with phrenic nerve stimulation and CS dissections. The entire procedure is completed in a learner focused and risk-free environment.

Other modules include Transseptal puncture; renal intervention; iliac/SFA intervention; below the knee intervention; endovascular aortic repair; carotid intervention; Neurointervention; uterine artery embolization and renal denervation.


Gothenburg, Sweden