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High performance ultrasound

By 21st August 2013No Comments

Voluson Women’s Health ultrasound range  has a strong reputation for high performance – from its exceptional 2D image quality, practical volumetric tools, and innovative probes, to the streamlined ergonomics that help drive efficient workflow. Now those established benefits have been combined into the new Voluson P8 which provides an affordable way for the acquistion of a first Voluson and gives the benefits of high performance ultrasound. An excellent entry-point to the Voluson family, the Voluson P8 system delivers hard-working capabilities that fit all practices, patient bases and budgets, with an upgrade pathway that can help keep the system current for years to come. The new system provides exceptional images in all applications, from routine OB evaluations and gynecological studies to cardiac, abdominal, vascular, and small parts scanning. Innovative GE tools include Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI) which helps improve visualization and contrast resolution by reducing intrinsic artifacts; HD-Zoom which assists users to localize regions of interest for closer stud; CrossXBeamCRI which helps enhance tissue interfaces and border differentiation. Hard working ultrasound capabilities – such as 2D, Doppler, and 3D imaging –are just a keystroke away with the new Voluson P8 system from GE Healthcare. The automation advances in the system enable busy practices to maintain high quality while reducing the time needed to conduct, analyze, and report on exams: The system is intuitive, with an easy-to-use keyboard, which helps achieve uninterrupted scanning. The Auto Optimization features for 2D and Doppler help enhance contrast resolution at the touch of a button, whereas the auto focus system for 2D – provides automated positioning of the focal zone and allows the user to concentrate on scanning. The system conducts a virtual rescan of the patient post-exam to help increase productivity and improve diagnostic confidence. The new system features reporting and archiving tools which enable easy creation of a structured report from a selection of customizable templates, including 1st trimester, 2nd/3rd trimester, and gynecology exams. The report can be exported, including charts and images, in PDF format at the touch of a button.

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