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High Voltage systems for medical imaging

By 5th March 2014No Comments


The Spellman High Voltage Company produce an extensive array of high voltage solutions for the diagnostic medical imaging industry including: the K&S HFe R/F series of generators; CT gantry mounted generators; the PDM series Dental Monoblock for both panoramic and CT applications; the VMX series mammography generator; Monoblock X-Ray Sources for Bone Densitometry; and DGM series power supplies for image intensifiers.

The units have design complexities far beyond a traditional high voltage power supply. Issue like X-Ray tube packaging and cooling, X-Ray beam port and window design and radiation shielding are just some of the items the company’s  X-Ray Development Group deals with each day. From a solid encapsulated Monoblock X-Ray source for bone densitometry or an oil encapsulated Monoblock® for a rotating CT scanner, Spellman’s engineers have what it takes to design the X-Ray source you need.

Spellman have also an array of turn-key solutions and single source options for the full X-Ray image chain, supporting both Digital Radiographic and Digital Fluoroscopic applications

Spellman High Voltage Electronics

Hauppauge, NY US