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Image clarity through reducing visual clutter in “kiosk” design

By 5th March 2014No Comments

Sonosite claims that their new X-Porte system represents an entirely new approach to clinical ultrasound. Its imaging, features, and educational resources are fluidly brought together in a convenient, all-in-one kiosk design.

At the sweep of a hand, the system responds quickly and intelligently to the imaging needs. Its self-explanatory control panel makes system navigation simple, and its sealed touch screen has no buttons for pathogens to hide behind.

X-Porte’s slender profile makes it easy to manoeuvre alongside beds and exam tables for point-of-care visualization and procedures. For portability and durability during transport, its screen folds down and its stand lowers making the X-Porte even more compact for navigating busy corridors. The X-Porte ultrasound core can be detached easily from the kiosk to provide another configuration option X-Porte’s XDI beam-forming technology was created to meet the challenge of side-lobe artifacts, so now it is possible to scan with image clarity, resolution, and color sensitivity never before seen in point-of-care ultrasound systems. For instant reference, scans can be taken along with an onboard library of Visual Guides featuring step-by-step learning tutorials. The Visual Guides allow comparison of 3D beam-direction animations with corresponding 2D ultrasound images.

Sonosite Fujifilm

Tokyo, Japan.