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Artificial intelligence (AI) will provide support for human diagnosis and enable beginners to catch up with experts very quickly, Dr. Patricia Gutierrez, a GU Radiology Specialist at Dunkirk and Lille hospitals in France, told Mélisande Rouger at ECR2024 in Vienna.

‘It will improve our accuracy in diagnosis even in very small lesions that we maybe cannot see,’ she said. ‘AI can also help non-expert radiologists and improves their accuracy in detecting lesions.’

AI may thus help address the shortage of experts and minimize time constraints as well as improve reporting quality, she believes.

‘As an international doctor working in a different country, I think AI homogenizes the reporting and expedites workflow for doctors,’ she said. ‘If we all speak the same language with the interactive tools for automatic reporting, and if we all use the same tools in the same centers, we will all have the same reporting quality.’