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Improving radiologists’ communication with referring physicians

By 5th March 2014No Comments
  1. In a new survey report from Sectra, 78 referring physicians and 78 radiologists share their views on the process of ordering studies and communicating results.

Radiology lies at the very center of the healthcare chain. Most patients pass through an imaging department at one point or another in their treatment. That said, an organization’s overall effectiveness is highly dependent upon the ability of radiology to provide good  service to referring physicians. The survey seeks to determine how this is best done .

The survey shows that increased communication is clearly seen as important by both radiologists and referring physicians. It also indicates that there are several ways of increasing efficiency by improving both how studies are ordered and how results are communicated.

The views of referring physicians and radiologists differ somewhat. Referring physicians often see both ordering of studies and communication of reports as a bigger challenge than radiologists.

The full report is available free from Sectra.


Stockholm, Sweden,