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Magnetic Resonance Quantitative Analysis

By 22nd September 2015No Comments

Designed for imaging specialists, CAAS MRV package is aimed at the analysis of the performance of the heart muscle. The motion of the heart muscle can be assessed on cine MR images, allowing understanding contraction of the left and right ventricle. Additionally, tissue damaged through lack of oxygen, can be assessed using first pass perfusion or viability. Taken together, this gives a complete understanding of the patients’ cardiac function. Pie Medical Imaging have announced the latest release of CAAS MRV, which contains intuitive and guided analysis workflows, optimized to clinical practice. The workflows guide the user  through the required steps for functional left and right ventricle, viability and first pass perfusion analyses. Besides analysis of Delayed Enhanced MR images, the new viability workflow also includes  analysis of edema on T2-weighted MR images. The analyzed images and results of each workflow are presented side by side and can be saved in a customizable report to suit both cardiology and radiology requirements. 

Pie Medical Imaging (Member of Esaote group).

Maastricht, The Netherlands