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New 16- and 32-slice CT scanners launched

By 10th February 2014No Comments

The Somatom Perspective family of CT scanners from Siemens has two new members, namely two new 16- and 32-slice configurations which are designed to make numerous high-end technologies available to a broader clientele for the first time. The systems have an additional option to upgrade later to the established 64- and 128-slice configurations. For all four configurations, Siemens now offers the innovative eCockpit technology package, which makes the Somatom Perspective not only easier and more cost-efficient to use, but also lengthens the system’s service life.  The two new configurations allow customers to tailor a CT system individually to fit their particular clinical needs.


For example, the 16-slice configuration is suitable above all for routine scans in oncology and for imaging the head, lungs, abdomen, or chest. The model is also useful in pain therapy to ensure that analgesics are delivered to the right place during surgery. The 32-slice configuration provides more detailed imaging for bone fractures, examinations of the inner ear, or vascular applications; whereas the 64-slice scanner has remarkably fast image acquisition. With particularly short scanning times, the 128-slice configuration is especially suitable for diagnostics in cardiology and pediatrics. The Somatom Perspective also makes it possible to expand the range of scan types at a clinic or surgery at a later time: The two new models can be upgraded to 64- or 128-slice configurations whenever desired.



Erlangen, Germany