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New generation of image processing software

By 8th June 2014No Comments

Agfa HealthCare has launched the next generation of its
gold-standard MUSICA (Multi-Scale Image Contrast Amplification) image
processing software in Europe. New technology improvements such as Fractional
Multiscale Processing enhance both image quality and workflow for radiographers
and radiologists. The improvements will support radiologists to get the most
out of images at a lower dose. The latest generation of MUSICA offers all the
benefits of previous generations, including consistently high image quality
across all of Agfa HealthCare’s digital radiography solutions and robustness
against variations including patient size, tube quality and exposure settings.
Workflow improvements include the elimination of the need for window level
adjustment, for even easier and faster image reading. Radiologists also get
more diagnostic information from their images, with a high level of detail in
the mediastinum, sharp trabecular and cortical bone, a balanced presentation of
2/3 both soft tissue and overlapping bone structures, visualization of subtle
details in the abdomen, and a true representation of implants with clear bone

Fractional Multiscale Processing (FMP) makes it easier to
see and distinguish the subtle details in images, meaning “the diagnosis is in
the details”. The balanced presentation of all tissue structures, from bone to
soft tissue, results in images that are very comfortable to read.

MUSICA enhances productivity for both radiologists and
radiographers, offering a streamlined workflow. All of the parameters needed
are derived or calculated by MUSICA from the input image itself. This automatic
analysis of the characteristics of each image and optimization of the
processing parameters saves time and effort.

To support optimal image quality while protecting people in
X-ray environments, Agfa HealthCare integrates the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably
Achievable) principle in its product design. A key goal is to provide users
with consistently high image quality across all exams and all patients at all
hospitals, with a minimal radiation dose. Along with the development of high
DQE (Detective Quantum Efficiency) DX-D Cesium detectors, the NX Exposure Index
to avoid dose creep, and IMPAX REM for an overall dose radiation exposure
management, this new version of MUSICA is an important step in Agfa
HealthCare’s continuing efforts
further increase image quality while giving hospitals tools to manage patient


Agfa Healthcare

Mortsel, Belgium