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Next-Generation Imaging Software Released

By 22nd October 2013No Comments

The Danish manufacturer of digital imaging solutions, 3DISC, has launched its next-generation QuantorMed+ Imaging Software. The new software has a chronological and intuitive workflow, which eases the process of acquiring the highest image quality. The software features an improved control panel, which groups buttons according to functionality. A visible navigation bar is available at all times to guide users through the workflow; it enables an easy addition and modification of study filters. The improved functionality includes a convenient note field for each image, which allows staff to save comments directly on the image file. With QuantorMed+ Imaging Software, users can crop, etch, enhance, increase brightness and contrast, and perform other adjustments. The userfriendly design of Quantor+ features a simplified color scheme and layout. An updated color scheme with a dark background offers maximum contrast when viewing images and is easier on the eyes of technicians and radiologists. Facilities can use the DICOM-compliant interface to download patient and exam information from a work list, which can be matched automatically, thus eliminating the need for data entry, or manual input of patient and exam information. For facilities without a HIS, RIS or PACS, a local database enables direct management of patients and studies—DICOM and non-DICOM images can be viewed on the same workstation they were acquired on.