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Presenting at ECR 2013 Vienna, Austria

By 2nd April 2013No Comments

Under the chairmanship of Prof. Mathias Prokop of the Raboud University Nijmegen Medical Center in the Netherlands, this symposium will feature three presentations. • Tailoring CT exams Prof Christian Loewe, Professor of Radiology, Medical University Vienna, Austria. The starting point of Prof Loewe’s presentation is that fixed prepared examination protocols are no longer sufficient in modern CT imaging; instead individual adaptation of protocols is necessary. Although individualization of examination protocols in modern CT angiography sounds complex such personalization is now an important requirement of modern patient care and for optimized image results. Discussion should focus therefore not on “if ” or “why”we should tailor the CT examination but only on how we can do so in a safe and time-efficient manner. Defining a “normal” patient based on three BMI groups seems to be an easy way to implement tailoring in daily routine. These three groups can be the basis for the implementation of very simple rules for adaptation of radiation dose and as a consequence contrast injection parameters according to the BMI. Using such very basic recommendations should enable personalized, perfectly tailored CT protocols to become possible