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Radiation dose management system

By 22nd October 2013No Comments

The DoseWatch system from GE Healthcare retrieves, tracks, and reports the radiation dose administered to patients during medical exams and automatically organizes the data for hospital leaders so they can easily and effectively monitor dose provision in their institution. The system collects data in different ways – by imaging device, by the individual operator or by protocol, so it can compare and contrast the dose being administered in one exam to another from the past. The system allows healthcare providers to improve dose management holistically and over time by tracking and archiving their dosimetric data. Ultimately they can use the data to improve patient care by determining potential behavioral or systemic changes at their institution. There are now 200 dosewatch systems in operation throughout the world. Just 2 two months ago one of the largest hospitals in Belgium, namely St John’s in Bruges which has a combined total of 1340 beds, installed a DoseWatch system. Professor Jan Casselman, Chairman of Radiology at the hospital said that it was not only a responsibility to the patient to give the most appropriate dose (as low as possible but consistent with getting a diagnostically usable image) but in addition the radiation safety regulatory authorities were becoming more and more specific regarding the information they need. The new system meant that dose levels could be managed much more carefully than ever before. Prof. Casselman said “The system emails me when the dose exceeds a defined threshold for a specific exam, which means we know when there’s an ‘outlier’ so we can find out why, and make sure it’s corrected moving forward.