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Radiation dose monitor

By 3rd April 2013No Comments
Sectra DoseTrack is a complete solution that
allows monitoring of patient radiation doses and ensure that they are
kept as low as reasonably achievable. By gathering and comparing
radiation dose values from radiology examinations already performed, the
system provides documentation that helps reduce radiation doses without
impacting diagnostic quality. The system automatically collects, stores
and monitors the data, which saves valuable time and eliminates the
risk of human error in the collection process. The system also enables
monitoring of equipment to detect whether an X- ray device is in danger
of exposing patients to too much radiation, or to follow up on
individual patients to avoid excessive radiation. Sectra DoseTrack
allows monitoring of trends for cumulative dose, perform radiation dose
benchmarking within or between sites. In addition the system allows
database search by patient, modality and examination code, facilitates
reporting to regulatory authorities and provides dose notifications. The
system supports both the IHE Radiation Exposure Monitoring profile and
the DICOM MPPS standard, enabling the connection of almost any modality
to gain a complete dose monitoring solution. The system also facilitates
benchmarking dose reference levels (DRL) between several healthcare
facilities to ensure that policies, procedures and protocols are
adequate and being followed to achieve doses as low as possible.