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Annalise Enterprise CTB

Product Description

Improve diagnostic accuracy and decision making

Annalise Enterprise CTB is like a ‘second pair of eyes’ for radiologists, empowering them to make accurate decisions.

It can detect up to 130 radiological findings on non-contrast CT Brain (NCCTB) studies, including a wide range of conditions that require rapid intervention.

Improves diagnostic accuracy by 32%, averaged across all 130 findings.

After 6 weeks of use, 9 out of 10 clinicians said Annalise Enterprise CTB improved reporting accuracy.

Work faster and smarter.

Annalise Enterprise CTB solution can free up radiologists’ time, with 60% of clinicians saying they are faster using Annalise Enterprise CT Brain.

  • Results available in under 2 minutes.
  • 11% efficiency improvement, averaged across all 130 findings.

“It’s really helpful when you get tired. I use it to double check if I’ve missed something and it highlights findings on the image very nicely. It’s like a chaperone that improves my reporting, I absolutely love it.”

Professor Dr Jens Froelich, I-TeleRAD

Advanced technology for better patient outcomes.

Position yourself at the forefront of care with our state-of-the-art solution.

“The CT Brain solution significantly impacted patient management.”

Dr Peter Brotchie, Associate Professor, St. Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne


Intuitive design

By clinicians, for clinicians.

The Annalise Viewer automatically highlights the suspected location of findings on multiplanar reformatted images with pathology-appropriate window and level settings.

Results available in less than 2 minutes.


Prioritised worklist

Reduce time to action critical findings.

Annalise Enterprise’s AI models are designed to analyse studies in a RIS/PACS system. They  are able to prioritise cases in your site’s reporting worklist, according to your preferences, enabling radiologists to triage cases effectively and complete time-critical reports first.

Vendor Info

100 New Bridge Street
London, EC4V 6JA

tel +44 20454 29675

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