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Annalise Enterprise CXR

Product Description

Enhanced diagnostic accuracy and confidence

Developed by clinicians for clinicians, our AI decision support solution can detect up to 124 findings on chest X-rays in seconds.

Improves accuracy by 45%, averaged across all analyzed findings. developed its ontology tree to cover the most clinically relevant and helpful findings.

“As humans, we can be susceptible to cognitive biases that affect how we look at images, whereas software will look at things objectively every time, so you get a slightly different perspective.”

Dr Dobb, Consultant in Acute Medicine, Emergency Department, NHS Grampian

Greater productivity.

Improves efficiency by 12%, averaged across all analysed findings.

It empowers busy clinicians to do their best work, especially when they’re under pressure.

“The extra pair of eyes is very welcome. You fatigue a little bit less. And even by the end of a busy ward round you still perform well because you haven’t expended all your energy, concentration and stress levels.”

Dr Dobb, Consultant in Acute Medicine, NHS Grampian


Deliver better care.

Annalise Enterprise CXR assists clinicians to provide the highest standards of care, supporting better patient health outcomes.

“A colleague was initially saying a chest X-ray was normal, but Annalise has flagged it as a potential mass.The patient had a CT scan two days later, which confirmed lung cancer.”

Dr Struan Wilkie, Lead Consultant Radiologist, NHS Grampian


Intuitive design

See the chest like never before with findings correlated across multiple views.

Analyse up to three images per study.

Results available in less than 20 seconds.


Seamless workflow integration

Annalise’s customizable user interface can be integrated effortlessly into each PACS and RIS.

Most clinicians feel comfortable using Annalise Enterprise CXR in under 10 studies. To help clinicians interpret with confidence, a confidence bar displays the likelihood of the findings and the AI model’s uncertainty.

Vendor Info

100 New Bridge Street
London, EC4V 6JA

tel +44 20454 29675

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