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Annalise Reporting

Product Description

AI-Assisted radiology reports ready for review and sign-off

Reporting is one of the most time-consuming of radiology tasks. Annalise Reporting is designed to make
reporting quicker and easier
. Annalise Reporting creates complete, editable draft reports ready for
radiologists to review and sign off. Available with Annalise Enterprise solutions for chest X-ray and non-contrast
head CT studies, Annalise Reporting is fully integrated into the routine radiology reporting
. It is backed by the comprehensive suite of findings built into’s solutions.

Generating complete draft reports for 35% of CXR and CTB cases already today.

Aiming to provide complete draft reports for most of the 254 findings in the future.

Available in 12 languages, supporting international customers and multiple reporting use cases.

  1. Study findings are codified into a set of structured interpretations.
  2. Draft reports are generated directly from the findings – without the potential risk of introducing errors from large language models.
  3. Radiologist reviews the draft report, makes any minor edits, adds their impression and signs off.
  4. Final report is distributed into the diagnostic system or to referrers.

Like having a trusted colleague to draft reports

Annalise Reporting is like having a trusted radiology colleague to draft your reports.

  • Provides high-quality, complete, editable draft reports
  • Simply review, add any amendments required along with your impression and sign off
  • Backed by AI models trained on over 1 million imaging studies
  • Generates hallucination-free reports, aiming to reduce human biases and errors

Vendor Info

100 New Bridge Street
London, EC4V 6JA

tel +44 20454 29675

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