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Product Description

The ASPECTS (Alberta Stroke Program Early CT Score) is a scoring system used in radiology to assess early signs of ischemic stroke on a computed tomography (CT) scan of the brain. CINA-ASPECTS, an AI-based quantification tool, facilitates faster, more consistent, and precise assessment of acute ischemic stroke.

Besides the ASPECT Score, CINA-ASPECTS offers:

  • A heat map indicating the probability of hypodensity and/or sulcal effacement,
  • Outlines infarcted regions,
  • A summary chart with mean Hounsfield Unit per region.

This standardized approach enhances the evaluation of ischemic stroke cases eligible for mechanical thrombectomy and/or intravenous thrombolysis (IVT).

Learn more about the validation of CINA-ASPECTS solution.

Vendor Info

297 Avenue du Mistral
Bât. A
13600 La Ciotat


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