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Product Description

The evolution in brain MRI analysis

With an aging population and the escalating burden of neurodegenerative diseases, there’s a growing need for more accurate assessments to detect early changes in the volume of different brain structures, WMH (white matter hyperintensities) load, and location. QP-Brain is an AI-powered tool that redefines brain MRI analysis by providing quantitative evaluations for enhanced detection and a better understanding of brain atrophy and lesions.  

QP-Brain automates the quantitative analysis of patients’ brain imaging, consolidating data on brain structure volumes and WMH load/location for aiding diagnostics and follow-up.  It also streamlines and improves the efficiency of radiological reporting by communicating the quantitative analysis of patients’ brains.

Vendor Info


Avenida Aragón 30
13th floor, office I – J
46021, Valencia+34 961 243

Quibim designs pioneering tools that unlock imaging data to improve patient outcomes.

After years of intense research in imaging biomarkers, Quibim (QUantitative Imaging Biomarkers In Medicine) did the commercial launch and internationalization in 2021. Our main purpose is the application of AI techniques to medical images from MRI, CT, PET to unlock new data which can be transformed into actionable predictions for life sciences and providers. The business model is based on a platform marketed through SaaS for hospitals and value-based partnerships in life sciences that help to identify new market needs and create new algorithms.

Having expanded internationally and with a growing team, Quibim is now heading up to bring a new line of products based on predictive imaging biomarker panels.

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