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Product Description

A comprehensive single-view platform

QP-Insights, a comprehensive web-based cloud platform that centrally manages, stores, and quantitatively analyzes multi-omics data and is interoperable with other registries. Our customers can use our platform and embedded products to augment their analytical capabilities and to extract new predictive models and biomarkers by linking imaging data with electronic health records (EHR) data processed.

The platform’s infrastructure ensures state-of-the-art security, scalability, and global deployability. It harmonizes imaging data, generating a standardized image quality that minimizes variability in image quality across equipment manufacturers and acquisition protocols.

The image server is a DICOM node that manages the storage and transfer of all DICOM-based medical imaging data via open standards such as DICOM and DICOM web. It can be integrated with an on-premises PACS via QP-Link, and it offers the web platform’s manual upload/download functionality.

QP-Insights® is built in an anonymization module complying with HIPAA/GDPR with a two-factor authentication. QP-Insights completely removes all data from DICOM images and clinical records that might be used for re-identification. This functionality is present for both the automated upload (via QP-Link) as well as for the manual upload via the QP-Insights portal. In addition, to further reduce the risk of re-identification, the QP-Insights platform only uses encrypted data storage and transfers the data in an encrypted form.

The Quibim analytics engine is responsible for all processing and inferencing on image and clinical data. The event logging, audit trails, and monitoring services ensure the observability of the QP-Insights platform, and rules & workflow services govern automation in the platform.

Vendor Info


Avenida Aragón 30
13th floor, office I – J
46021, Valencia+34 961 243

Quibim designs pioneering tools that unlock imaging data to improve patient outcomes.

After years of intense research in imaging biomarkers, Quibim (QUantitative Imaging Biomarkers In Medicine) did the commercial launch and internationalization in 2021. Our main purpose is the application of AI techniques to medical images from MRI, CT, PET to unlock new data which can be transformed into actionable predictions for life sciences and providers. The business model is based on a platform marketed through SaaS for hospitals and value-based partnerships in life sciences that help to identify new market needs and create new algorithms.

Having expanded internationally and with a growing team, Quibim is now heading up to bring a new line of products based on predictive imaging biomarker panels.

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