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Saige Lung

Product Description

Empowering smart, swift precision in lung cancer care.

Saige Lung offers a suite of CE-marked solutions, harnessing AI to enhance lung nodule assessment and reporting. Seamlessly integrated into your PACS for minimal workflow disruption, our solutions offer the flexibility of onsite or cloud deployment to meet your specific needs.

Vendor Info


212 Elm St.
Somerville, MA 02144


DeepHealth provides AI-powered health informatics to empower breakthroughs in care delivery.

The heart of our portfolio of solutions, the DeepHealth OS, is a cloud-native operating system that orchestrates all data to drive value across the enterprise.

DeepHealth aims to elevate the role of the radiologist beyond radiology and across the entire care pathway. It empowers all users across the care continuum with personalized workflows to make work easier and more meaningful.

DeepHealth leverages advanced AI technologies in breast, lung, prostate, and neurological care, as well as operational efficiencies, to create end-to-end efficiency across the enterprise.

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